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About Us


Red Key Property Management & Real Estate and Agents are licensed by the Utah Division of Real Estate. 


Red Key Property Management & Real Estate (formerly Williams Management Group, LLC) was organized in 2008 and is a subsidiary of Zions Enterprises, Inc. We are a local investment and real estate management company in the Tooele, Utah valley helping families obtain affordable housing and assisting homeowners who want to sell.  The housing and job markets are experiencing turbulent times.  Houses are not selling and lenders are not lending. Many people who are in the market for a home may be hesitant to buy right now for fear of losing income in this poor economy, and yet everyone needs a comfortable place to live.  Many homeowners needing to sell are discouraged by houses all around the valley that remain empty, while many families search for a place to call home in an over-crowded renters' market.


This is where Red Key Property Management & Real Estate comes in.  We offer livable, flexible solutions to bridge the gap between homeowners and renters.  Whether you are looking for a home to rent or are a homeowner and unable to sell and looking for a solution, please check out our pages.  We have a solution for everyone!


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